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Colleen D. Gjefle photo in black and white

A bit about me

My name is Colleen D. Gjefle and I’m an American artist creating both abstract and surreal work in acrylic.

When I create an artwork, I strive to visually capture a world that lives beyond our conventional senses.  My abstracts tend to be brightly colored, highly textured and intricate, frequently with multiple layers giving lots of depth. My surreal works might just be flights of whimsy, but many are more thought provoking, cerebral images that grow from morality, metaphysics and of dreams.

There was a time when I thought through every detail in a painting but I gradually began to try to let my subconscious take more control of the process. This led to creating more abstracts, and my surreal paintings becoming less refined but freer. I’m no longer always striving for the deep meanings in my surreal works. While at one time I felt a need to “understand” my paintings, I now  prefer to feel them.

Latest Blog Posts

New Surreal Painting – Religion is Born

New Surreal Painting – Religion is Born

The stone sphere in this painting represents the Ancient… the Universe. It is worn and weathered, and covered with cracks to show just how old it really is. Embedded in the sphere is a triangle,...

In the Beginning

In the Beginning

This painting speaks to the mystery that initiated the creation of our world, our universe… and it has a new home!

Amazon Song

Amazon Song

There’s a lot going on in this painting – there are textures upon textures and colors merging into other colors. That’s what our world is like – a complex ecosystem with many layers and it’s even more true in an environment like the Amazon rainforest.