My 2nd SPCA Doggy Photo Shoot

I was at the Pennsylvania SPCA again to photograph the dogs that are currently looking for their permanent forever-homes. There were rambunctious puppies, calm older dogs, and some wonderful Souls who are in the process of overcoming fears and horrible situations from which they were rescued.

The one who sticks most in my mind is J-Rock (photo left), a massive and powerfully built pit bull who was very quiet and subdued, obviously timid and suffering from severe ear infections. Sometimes it’s the big, tough looking dogs that suffer the worst as some humans feel they can beat them and generally treat them horribly. I always point out to people the pit bulls are not by their nature mean and aggressive – just the opposite, in fact. For decades they were known as “nanny dogs” because they are so great with and protective of children.

There were also two silly and playful puppies – Redz and Bo, siblings who were rescued from a yard that was filled with several inches of sewage.  They were both very affectionate and preferred snuggling in someone’s lap, but when they started to run around and play, they did so with the gusto that only puppies can muster!  Bo was the Piazza Pet of the Week as well.  You can tell these two boisterous boys are brothers – they share the same dark rim along the white tips of their muzzles.

All photos © Colleen D. Gjefle


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