Chesapeake City Car Show 2015

Chesapeake City, MD is only about a half hour away from my new/old home in Smyrna DE.  I designed and have managed the town government’s website for a couple of years or so (as an employee/contractor with Green Technology Services) so I already felt a kinship with this town. But for a brief meeting with key township personnel when we were first getting started with their website, I hadn’t actual visited this charming town.

Fortunately, I saw a listing for this year’s Lion’s Club car show and couldn’t pass it up. Especially since this is a HUGE car show, with over 600 vehicles that were situated all around the town’s center. There were some more modern vehicles, but the overwhelming majority were vintage beauties. Many of the paint jobs were incredibly vibrant and colorful – I’m sure not even close to the original factory specs, but they were definite fun eye-candies that just begged to be photographed. With that number of vehicle spread across the town, I was only able to take in relatively few of them.

I was also lucky enough to be alongside the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal as a large ship was being safely guided under the bridge by a tugboat.

All photographs © Colleen D. Gjefle


  1. Spectacular pictures capturing a wonderful event! I had no idea that your a very talented photographer. Thank you for sharing!

    • Thanks Mary! It was such a fun event and I was really bowled over at how huge it was. Yep, I’ve been a photographer for many years, even longer than I’ve been a web designer. I’ve been thinking I need to return to CC to get some photos with the sun setting with the bridge and water.

  2. Wow! You make these look like paintings! Colors are great!


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