Delaware’s Cypress Swamp

I recently visited one of Delaware’s State Parks that I’d been wanting to see for awhile now.  It’s “The Great Cypress Swamp”, part of Trap Pond State Park. When you think of cypress trees and swamps, most people think of Louisiana or another southern state, but the northernmost cypress swamp is located right here in Delaware. Who’d have thought?!

I decided to walk all the way around the main “pond” (if you ask me, more like a lake), which includes the cypress swamp as well as the more “traditional” Delaware trees and fauna. Between walking and taking photos, I was walking for about 5 hours. The first 4 went fine, but that last hour was a tough one! My feet were very happy to get back to the jeep!

I totally enjoyed this little expedition. It’s also made me think that I need to take up kayaking to see the swamp from the water. The land views were great, but I definitely want to see the swamp up close and personal from the water. So that might be another blog post sometime in the future!

Photos © Colleen D. Gjefle, all rights reserved.


  1. Looks like a great place to visit! You take beautiful photos

  2. LOL, I expect to see fairies flitting about in a few of the pics!


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