Eve Had the Right Idea

Jun 11, 2022

Eve Had The Right Idea

Eve Had The Right Idea

“Eve Had The Right Idea” is an acrylic on canvas painting completed in 2022. The  18×24 canvas was gessoed with tissue paper to make it very textured prior to building up several layers of colorful acrylic paint.

How the apple fits into the “Eve” myth is obvious. But I always hated the overall anti-female theme to the story along with the general air of misogyny present in most established religions.

There is an abstract Figure-8 in this painting, which has traditionally been associated with the female form. The apple is in the center and can be thought of as the heart, as the anti-female sentiment has been central to many of the societal influences that we all grew up with and still have to tolerate to some degree or another. More subtle – but pervasive  throughout – are box shapes, representing how society has attempted to box in women throughout history in some way or another.

But the color overtakes everything! As women, we are also superbly colorful and multi-faceted with our own layers and intricacies. There are two strong “X” shapes as well, symbolizing the XX chromosomes that make us female, and which provide a visual balance to the composition.


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  1. Wow… beautiful and interesting meaning. I love the colors and textures!


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