Goodbye Chamberlain, Goodbye

My wonderful little Chamberlain died June 2, 2014. He had been with me since 2004 and had been found as a stray in the Montgomery County Pennsylvania countryside. Chamberlain was a spunky little black & white cocker spaniel who had a particular affinity with senior citizens, so I figured his previous owner was a senior. He totally loved my Mom and he wouldn’t let her by whenever she was around. He loved to have his butt scratched and had a dramatic side – he would whine with great expression when he wanted a treat. It was only a couple of years of being with me that he started showing signs of eye problems. He was healthy except for his eyes, which began growing cataracts at a much younger age that normal.  But he didn’t seem to mind in the least and even after going totally blind, you’d never had known as he just charged ahead with no hesitation! He had plenty of energy, but loved his naps, as all dogs do.  He always looked so cute when he curled up on top of a pillow. He could also snore up a storm too! He loved his walks, and loved snow – especially to eat! I swear he could eat snow for hours and it normally took a bit of persuasion or a push on the butt to get him back inside after a fresh snowfall. He really slowed down in his final months with me, so I let him stay home while I took the younger dogs out walking. But he would pop up and expect his treat when we got back home! Chamberlain was with me for a decade – much longer than many of the rescue dogs. Words can’t say much more, so here are a few of my favorite pictures of my old friend. Chamberlain, you’ve left an empty place in my heart. I know when I see you again, you’ll be a vibrant youngster again, running around with all those other wonderful dogs over the Rainbow Bridge. Goodbye, old friend.


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