My New “Baby” – a Starved Pittie


A few days ago I found a very frightened and lonely pit bull wandering on my street.  I don’t live in a part of town where you see stray dogs roaming around, so this was bizarre.  I saw her from across the street and it was obvious that she had recently had pups and that she was skin and bones.

I found out later that several of my neighbors had been seeing her but nobody had wanted to approach a pit bull, even those who own pitties themselves.  But when I saw how horribly skinny – actually emaciated – she was, I had to go to her.  She was frightened, but showed absolutely no sign of aggression whatsoever.  She had wandered onto the porch of house, where I slowly walked up and waited for her to come over to me.  It took several minutes and I could see her hesitation as she slowly inched towards me.  It was a cold and damp day, and with so little meat on her, she was shivering.

To cut the story short, this beautiful pittie is now part of my family. No idea where her puppies are or what became of them. Pitunya is extremely gentle and affectionate, always wanting to snuggle and be loved.  She is slowly putting on weight and I’ve taken her to the vet for her shots and a checkup.  She’ll be going back in a couple of weeks for a follow up.   I’ve named her Pitunya and I feel like the Universe brought us together.  What a Blessing to have her in my little doggy household!


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