New Surreal Painting – Religion is Born

Religion is Born

The stone sphere in this painting represents the Ancient… the Universe. It is worn and weathered, and covered with cracks to show just how old it really is. Embedded in the sphere is a triangle, point down, which is representative of spirit entering the material world. Inside of the triangle is the eye of Creative Force, always watching over things.

The Originator of all, the cosmic sphere is birthing a new Deity – an ancient fertility Goddess – amongst the most ancient of deities to be worshipped by humans. She represents that force which men eventually formed into religion. She not only emanates from the Cosmos, but also from the waters of the earth. As above, so below…

The mask demonstrates that from the very earliest of times, religion has masked its real purpose and kept its agendas hidden from view. She also has no mouth, signifying the secrets that the religions of men always seem to have.


  1. Damn girl! You always amaze me! This is cool!

  2. This is absolutely remarkable… really stunning and thought provoking


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