Solar Eclipse 2017

Today was the day! The 2017 solar eclipse that traveled across the USA. I enjoyed the event on the ground of the Delaware AeroSpace Education Foundation (DASEF) in Smyrna DE, along with a few thousand other folks. I wasn’t able to find a screw-on filter for my camera lens, but I was able to get a small square of the mylar that the solar protection glasses are made of and made a DIY lens cover to use (with the help of a toilet paper tube and duct tape. Not fancy but it did the job! You can even see sunspots on a few of the pics, which is a neat little added bonus.

It was also cool to experience the light change, even though here in Delaware we only got 80% coverage.

Park scene before the eclipse

This was a scene taken before the height of the eclipse. It looks like a normal summer day.

Park scene during eclipse

When the eclipse was at its peak, the light level dropped noticeably and the air got a yellowy tone to it.


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