Mixed media – paper mache mixed with plaster, papers, glues, acrylic paints over wood frame & masonite base; Size = approximately 18″ x 24.5″ x 4″ deep (along wood frame)

This 3-dimensional artwork represents another aspect of my sense of evolution.  The face is of an adult female – not a mask and not a flat, 2-dimensional rendering. The eyes are still closed so she hasn’t yet viewed her new form, which is emerging from a disorganized mass.  She’s fully formed with real mass and depth, unlike the paintings immediately preceding it in this series. Because of the bulk of this artwork, it’s physically heavy, which could also be symbolic of the weight that she was born out of.  Even though representing me, I still find myself referring to the face as “her” in the third person which reminds me of how I disassociated myself from what was happening when I was a child being molested.

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