Feeding Frenzy

Alkyd on Canvas – 18″ x 24″

a dead wasteland
eats away at me
the quiet is deafening
the soldier-man
from a war long ago
never leaves his post
he forgot it’s all over
he won’t let me go
he won’t let me play
why do I have this guard?
he’s just in my head
he imprisons me
in barren sands
that consume
and savor me in a
quiet feeding frenzy

– poem and painting derived from a disturbing dream. In this dream, a soldier from a past era was tormenting me. Though he didn’t look like my grandfather, I knew that it was his spirit inside that was possessing the soldier and controlling him, like he did me as a child. Just like in real life then, it was eating away at me in the dream, leaving me with a dead, barren feeling.

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